Want to make $1,000 in two hours?

Try a Stoneleigh Lanes Fund Raiser
“Because We Put the FUN in FUND Raising.”

Each year we receive a number of requests from non-profit organizations and churches looking at Stoneleigh Lanes as a host for their next fundraiser.

And each year we have the same response:


Whether you are a school club, a church or other non-profit organization, Stoneleigh Lanes is proud to help out. Unlike many traditional fundraising options, bowling has proven to be an effective and entertaining way to raise money for your group.

The best part of the program is that costs are low and everyone in your organization or group can take part in raising funds. It’s an affordable way to provide multiple options to raise needed funds that’s because bowling doesn’t have to be the only thing going on at our center when you are holding your event.

Want to get sponsors for your event. We will show you proven techniques to help you reach your objectives. We’ll help you set up a raffle or silent auction to go along with the bowling games. Want to sell baked goods? We’ll help you out. Stoneleigh Lanes is here to help you with your next fundraising effort.

There is no better time than now to start planning your next fundraiser, and there is no better place than Stoneleigh Lanes to host your very important event. Over the last year, we have raised Thousands of dollars for area organizations.


For more information, please contact us at phone 410.377-8115